The Video

5 months and 13 days after returning from our trip, we finally finished the video. After coming back from our trip, I knew I wanted to make something.  I knew it wasn’t going to be of great quality (we should have forked over the money for that damn GoPro), it would probably be choppy (because we … More The Video

Europe Päť

Continuing on my top five experiences in each continent that we visited, it’s now time for Europe!  (FYI – Päť means five in Slovak).  As I mentioned earlier, our almost two months exploring Europe was quite different than our previous 6 in South America.  We were looking for something new mainly in the gastronomy department (which is … More Europe Päť

Venice in Photos

Everything you have heard about Venice is most likely true.  It is very, very crowded with approximately 20 million tourists flooding its streets every year (that’s about 60,000 a day!).  It is really expensive with prices continuously on the rise causing Venice to lose HALF of its population in the past 30 years; a Gondola … More Venice in Photos

Gelateria Drama

In my opinion, the gelato in Italy is the best ice cream in the entire world.  Since we arrived over three weeks ago, I have eaten more gelato than I’ve probably eaten ice cream in my entire lifetime.  We quickly realized that the gelato is best, freshest, and most likely homemade when it comes in silver … More Gelateria Drama

Roman Impressions

My first impression of Rome was.. not great.  To paint an analogical picture, it was like meeting a celebrity you’ve been dreaming about encountering and when you finally meet them, they give you a bad vibe.  They look so glamorous and interesting in pictures.  They constantly get rave reviews. But when you come face to face, their personality sucks or … More Roman Impressions