The Video

5 months and 13 days after returning from our trip, we finally finished the video. After coming back from our trip, I knew I wanted to make something.  I knew it wasn’t going to be of great quality (we should have forked over the money for that damn GoPro), it would probably be choppy (because we … More The Video

South America Cinco

Dan and I are currently putting together a video of our trip however, it is taking much longer than expected with how busy we have been.  And although I wrote a post regarding continuing to paint my spirit gold after coming back, I still feel as though I need to provide some kind of recap … More South America Cinco

Adios, South America!

It’s crazy how you can look back on life and imagine you wouldn’t be where you are now or making the decisions you have decided to make.  When planning our trip to South America, I never imagined straying from the continent.  Friends would ask me if Dan and I thought we might change continents at … More Adios, South America!

Home is Where Wine is

I’m going to preface this next statement by letting everyone know that I understand how ridiculous it sounds. I look back on pictures and am already jealous of my past self’s travels, even though I am currently traveling.  I do this for special instances that have really stuck with me or places that I’ve really loved. I think … More Home is Where Wine is

Valparaíso in Pictures

My friend Nina described the ambiance of Valparaíso perfectly, “It’s like San Francisco (USA) and Cinque Terre (Italy) had a baby”.  Although I’ve never been to Cinque Terre, I’ve pined over plenty of pictures to completely understand what she meant.  Valparaíso has the coast and hills dotted with colorful buildings of Cinque Terre and the … More Valparaíso in Pictures