I am not broken

There was a social media trend going around the past couple years in the women’s hiking groups that I follow. Single women or groups of women would post pictures of their chests bare to the mountains and backs to the photographer. I never thought much of it. I would think, “Huh, good for them”. Although, … More I am not broken


Back in March of 2020, I attended Oprah’s Vision Tour with two of my best friends Megan and Rebecca. It was a day full of motivational speeches, awkward dancing, and working on ourselves emotionally, spiritually and mentally. It was also the last large gathering I’d attend before COVID-19 severely hit the world stage and we … More Challenge

One Year

One year. Think about how many things you can accomplish in one year. How many things can change, far you can come, places you can visit, people who come into your life, goals you can check off your bucket list. Never in my life did I think I would be stuck for an entire year … More One Year