About Me

My name is Christie and traveling is my passion.


I read a quote once, “There are 7 days in the week and SOMEDAY isn’t one of them“.  It was time to stop putting off my dreams.

In August 2015, my husband and I decided to quit our jobs, take a break from our lifestyle in Chicago, and travel through South America. We did not want to escape our lives in Chicago but rather take the time to “paint our spirits gold” – pursue our dream of travel, take time to reconnect with ourselves after a fast-paced 5 years in the city, explore our passions, and see if a new lifestyle evokes a different level of happiness.

This blog is meant to be more than just a guidebook.  Information on where we went, how we got there, what the costs are, etc. can be found in my posts but the idea is to reach something a little deeper.  This journey is more than just about checking off places on a list for me so my posts are generally related to lessons I’ve learned, things I’ve found out about myself, and my pursuit of overall happiness.  If you have general or logistical questions, please don’t hesitate to email me!

In addition to travel anecdotes, expect to find information on cats, tarot cards, exercising, and about how much I miss my family and friends because besides travel, those are my other passions in life!

October 7, 2015.  The day a dream became real life. 


Now, we are living in Colorado, USA and continuing our life adventure here.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Christie, I am happy you and Dan have created this opportunity. I hope you find what you are looking for. It may not smack you on the head right away, so be patient. I think it will slowly grow within you over time. PS, love the title of you blog.


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