Tuscany through Dan’s Eyes

Throughout our trip, Dan and I constantly run into a small problem; the fact that he doesn’t have an iPhone.  The reason this is a “first world problem” issue for us is the fact that all of his photos and videos that he takes on his phone go into what we call a “DropBox black hole”.  We choose to buy an Apple computer for many reasons but mainly for our travels in order to store all of our videos, photos, etc. into the iCloud.  Therefore, Dan’s phone doesn’t connect to the computer and all of his photos and videos are not very easily accessible for me to showcase in my blog.

This is a huge shame because Dan is an excellent photographer.  He sees angles, architecture, colors, art and things that I don’t.  He also has a very different style than me.  Therefore, what I’d like to do is to share pictures that he took in Florence and Tuscany.  I asked him to go through and choose the photos (which he does already for his own journal) for this blog post.  He decided on the following photos to sum up our time in Tuscany based on memories that they evoked, the meaning that a certain moment had for him, and simply pictures he thought were the most aesthetically pleasing.

So, without further ado, here is how my husband saw Florence, Tuscany, and our time spent there.

Florence’s Duomo. 




The Ponte Vecchio lit up at night. 


Amazing shot of the Palazzo Vecchio.  



Inside the famous Uffizi Art Museum.  A Michelangelo original below. 



Taking in the views at the Piazzale Michelangelo.  Also, see cover photo.  


The most simply, delicious pizza from Pizza Mangia.  


Piazza del Campo in Sienna.


The Beetlejuice style Duomo di Siena.  


Rolling hills and vineyards of Tuscany. 




Handstands in the side streets of San Gimignano.  


The Leaning Tower of Pisa. 


3 thoughts on “Tuscany through Dan’s Eyes

  1. What fantastic pictures! Tuscany has always been on my top list of places to visit. It seems so enchanted!


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