Since it is the last day of our month long stay in Medellin, I thought it was important to write about one of the things I will miss the most about living here – THE FOOD.  As much as I can deny it, food makes me happy.  Finding tasty meals and places to eat almost makes me giddy. … More MedellEATin

Medellin Top 10

In the almost month that I’ve been in Medellin, I’ve been steadily compiling a list containing my favorite aspects of the city.  Previously, I’ve written posts complaining about how I don’t feel like I fit in yet, am feeling restless, blah, blah.  Now, I feel like it is time to discuss at length what I am enjoying … More Medellin Top 10

A Lesson Learned

Last Saturday, Dan and I had a plan.  We had researched and mapped out all of the places in El Centro, which is basically the downtown of Medellin, that we wanted to visit.  We were going to spend the better part of the day visiting El Centro checking out museums, plazas, parks, and even found … More A Lesson Learned