The Video

5 months and 13 days after returning from our trip, we finally finished the video. After coming back from our trip, I knew I wanted to make something.  I knew it wasn’t going to be of great quality (we should have forked over the money for that damn GoPro), it would probably be choppy (because we … More The Video

Europe Päť

Continuing on my top five experiences in each continent that we visited, it’s now time for Europe!  (FYI – Päť means five in Slovak).  As I mentioned earlier, our almost two months exploring Europe was quite different than our previous 6 in South America.  We were looking for something new mainly in the gastronomy department (which is … More Europe Päť

Miles from Budapest

You know those times when you are thinking so much about a topic or situation that it is completely all-consuming in your mind?  You are so in your head, that you don’t realize what you are doing?  For example, there was a time at work when I had to deal with a very difficult customer service … More Miles from Budapest