St. Mary’s Glacier

St. Mary’s Glacier should really be on more top lists for things to do in Colorado.  It was absolutely breathtaking, easy to get there (45 minute drive) and an easy hike to the base of St. Mary’s Lake and Glacier.   It has by far been my favorite thing that we’ve done so far and it was our very first real adventure here!

In order to visit, there is a $7 fee in the parking lot which we quickly paid and found the trail up to the glacier.   We thought we would blow past all of the other jobbins that we saw in the parking lot because it’s only about a 3/4 mile to the end.  However, the trail was covered in snow and ice.  It was actually pretty hilarious as I almost bit it multiple times and laughed hard as Dan lost his footing.

Looking behind us on the trail up. 


Once we made it to the top (somehow without either of us actually falling), I was awestruck.  Although I was a little disappointed that the lake was still frozen, it didn’t end up mattering because this place is stunning no matter what season.


Most of the other people were heading up the glacier (the snowy summit to the left) and skiing down which looked super fun (and dangerous) or just walking up and coming back down the way they came.  Dan and I decided to venture off the path (classic introverts looking for solitude) and went up the rocky side of the mountain on the left.  It was really windy and a little hairy getting up there but the views made the fear of falling worth it.

My husband the cheerleader. I bet he’ll never do this again after seeing this picture.



After summiting this part of the mountain, we had to go up at least part of the glacier (see to the left in the photo above).  It was a very snowy climb and I was really testing my hiking boots ability to keep my feet dry and warm.  But every time I looked behind me it really didn’t matter because I saw this.



This experience really set the tone for the next couple of weeks and weekends that we’ve been in Colorado.  St. Mary’s Glacier really set a high standard but I also need to give it credit for making me even that more enthusiastic to continue the outdoor adventures.

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