Lookout Mountain & Mount Falcon

In the three short weeks that I’ve been a Coloradan (Coloradian? Coloradite?), I’ve made it a huge priority to get out into mostly the front range of the Rockies and do some exploring.  Everything I’ve done so far has been incredible and unique.

So, I’ve decided to start documenting some of these great hikes and explorations around Colorado.  Mostly, for Dan and I to remember what we’ve done and to share pretty pictures with anyone else who cares!

Lookout Mountain

The Sunday after moving in, Dan and I were itching to get outside.  We’d been spending so much time settling in and unpacking that we really needed to take a break.  I got online and started searching for something close by, easy, and short since we still had so much to do before starting work the next day for Dan.

Lookout Mountain is in Golden which is only about a 15 minute drive from us (everything seems to be about 15 minutes away).  We parked at the Nature Center which is at the top of a long, windy and gorgeous drive to the top and you immediately see these views below.  The trail was short (maybe 20-30 minutes round trip) and it was pretty crowded due to it being a beautiful Sunday afternoon and apparently Buffalo Bill’s gravesite is somewhere near by.  But, it was an awesome first venture out to the mountains!



Mount Falcon

When we came out in February to find an apartment, I remembered one of the leasing agents mentioning to us that Mount Falcon was only a 15 minute (again) drive from the apartment we were viewing in Lakewood.  He also mentioned it’s one of his favorite hikes nearby because of the great city and red rocks views.

The day after we went to Lookout Mountain I had the day off.  As our stuff hadn’t been delivered yet, there really wasn’t much more unpacking I could do and since Dan had to work, I decided to hit the open road on my own!

After I arrived, I opted not to do the Castle Trail because it seemed that’s where everyone else was heading (this trail leads to the ruins of an old castle) so I did the Turkey Trot Trail and was not even slightly disappointed.  I virtually had the entire trail to myself.  It was almost eerily quiet and as the leasing agent promised, the views of Red Rocks and the city were outstanding.



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