I am not broken

There was a social media trend going around the past couple years in the women’s hiking groups that I follow. Single women or groups of women would post pictures of their chests bare to the mountains and backs to the photographer. I never thought much of it. I would think, “Huh, good for them”. Although, … More I am not broken


Back in March of 2020, I attended Oprah’s Vision Tour with two of my best friends Megan and Rebecca. It was a day full of motivational speeches, awkward dancing, and working on ourselves emotionally, spiritually and mentally. It was also the last large gathering I’d attend before COVID-19 severely hit the world stage and we … More Challenge

One Year

One year. Think about how many things you can accomplish in one year. How many things can change, far you can come, places you can visit, people who come into your life, goals you can check off your bucket list. Never in my life did I think I would be stuck for an entire year … More One Year

Nature Night

“What kind of footprints do you think those are?” “I wonder what the difference is between pines and evergreens.  Wait, is conifer a word?” “Why do elk poop in pellets?” All great, intellectual questions.  All questions that typically I would ask outloud to Dan while we are hiking or in nature that were usually answered … More Nature Night

A Fresh Start

I was positive this blog had served its purpose and I’d moved on. Well. I’m here to say I’ve changed my mind. Painting My Spirit Gold was created in 2015 (4 years ago) as a way to document my travels around the world along with the lessons I was learning and finding happiness through it.  … More A Fresh Start

Cub Lake Trail

Have you ever had one of those experiences where everything goes so perfectly that you can’t even believe it?  That you feel something bad is bound to happen any second because the experience that you are living is ten thousand times better than what you built up in your head? This happens to me less … More Cub Lake Trail

Centennial Cone

This hike has some of my greatest memories attached to it because we were celebrating so much this day.   To begin, our best friends Rebecca and Matt were on the way to having their beautiful baby girl Ellie and our other best friends Megan and Al had officially moved to Colorado and signed a lease … More Centennial Cone

Chautauqua Trail

A couple of Saturdays ago, I really needed to get out and clear my head.  The weather wasn’t the greatest, it had rained the night before and left the morning a little chilly and foggy.   I decided not to let it stop me and choose to check out the Chautauqua Trail in Boulder (Dan … More Chautauqua Trail