Surround Yourself with People who Support your Dream

A couple of weeks ago, my group of friends were discussing “what is the biggest life lesson you have learned this far?” Maybe it is just the point in my life now or what I’m currently going through but this quote by Amy Poehler has really been summing up what I’ve been feeling lately.  Reading this over again made me realize how important the people in my life are and how fortunate I am to have such real supporters.  If I didn’t have them, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to accomplish this dream and there is no way I’d be where I am today.

It is often in my job that I talk with people who tell their friends and family about what they want to do, teach English abroad, and everyone tells them how crazy they are, what a mistake they are making and it makes them question why they are doing it.  After meeting with them or speaking with them over the phone they usually say “I feel so much better after I come here and talk to you guys because you are excited for me and support me.  You all make me realize that I can do this.”  It got me to thinking about how you need those people who support your dreams and encourage you to pursue it.  Thankfully, I don’t need to look that far.

My husband – There is no way I could do this without you.  Thank you for making my dream your own.  Thank you for realizing we are about to embark on an incredible, life changing journey with each other.   Thanks for also still wanting to do this with me after our other travels and for also coming to terms with spending every waking moment with me and knowing how little I’m probably going to be showering, getting my eye brows done, and shaving my legs – true love right there.

My friends – Thank you for never once questioning why I want to do this, continually asking me genuinely interested questions about it, and even though it’s going to be hard, I know you want me to do what is going to make me happy.  Thanks for knowing that nothing will change and already planning for our return.  I’m so glad that we all have this crazy, adventurous side to us and you are the people that really dream, support, and do things. Also, thanks in advance for being okay with having a temporary friendship over Skype, Facebook chats, emails and for sending me celebrity gossip updates, cat pictures, etc.

My parents – I appreciate your genuine concern for us and thanks for not trying to talk us out of it.  Thanks for understanding and being supportive even though it is a completely different path than you took or would have taken.  And although you may not know it, I want to thank you for instilling this side of me.  The side of me that isn’t going to let fear stop me from taking a risk and trying something.

My in-laws – Your biggest thanks comes from being so willing to take care of our cats and there was never a question if you were going to help us with this (and being really excited about it!)  If we didn’t have you to do it, there would be no possible way for us to go.  You are honestly a huge part of helping us live this dream.

My co-workers – Leaving my job was one of the hardest decisions to make at this point and seeing all of the encouragement and respect coming from everyone has been monumental.  You all have told me time and time again that “I am making the right decision”. Everyone has made it actually more difficult to leave my job because of how understanding and supportive they have been.

In conclusion, I’ve never regretted the things I’ve actually decided to do and say yes to (even if it was a fail), but have regretted the things that I haven’t.  I believe that this new chapter will be one of those things that I look back on with no regrets.  But just as importantly, one thing I will never regret is cutting ties with people who have held me back and continually surrounding myself with people who encourage and allow me to say “YES”.

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