Tarot Reading – 7/21/2015

I got into Tarot in December 2014 so only a short 8 months ago.  My coworker Paige randomly said one day, “Hey, there’s a tarot class at this place called the SideShow Gallery.  It’s $20, want to check it out with me?”  And the rest was history.  I bought a Rider Tarot deck of cards, went to the first class and absolutely loved the teacher and what tarot is.

Right now, I don’t personally use tarot to necessarily predict the future but more to use the different cards to open up more meaning to things that are going on in my life.  I use it as a tool to make me think more deeply about things and connect with my emotions and feelings (like I needed more of that) but, I see myself as a pretty intuitive person and using Tarot has strengthened it.  It has also given me strength and courage in certain situations and has helped me know how to proceed.

So for the past 8 months or so, I’ve been going to classes, pulling a card a day and doing readings for myself on my own.  However, I really have enjoyed the past couple of times that Rebecca (who is my amazing teacher by the way) has read my cards for me and with me.  It always helps to get an objective view from someone else (and a professional I might add).  There I things I don’t always see or think about which she always brings to light.  So, of course having this big adventure looming in the back of my mind, I needed some perspective and I went to Rebecca for the reading.

I pulled three cards to begin and then pulled a few more cards in relation to each of the first three cards:

1. The Page of Pentacles reversed.  This card and the fact that it is reversed means that I will re-evaluate my relationship to money, career, and meeting the demands of people I feel indentured to.

a. 4 of Pentacles – rebuild foundation and break free from confines but also fear of breaking away from what is secure.

b. Ace of Cups – a lot is opening up emotionally and spiritually. There may also be a break through in terms of work.

c. 5 of Wands reversed – my feelings of being in the middle of things or essentially being a kind of peacekeeper will start      fading on my travels.

2. 3 of Swords.  This card typically means deceit or a sense of loss. Rebecca wanted to explore this card further so I pulled three more surrounding it.

a. Empress, Moon and High Priestess.   All of these cards were reversed and are strongly feminine cards.  After much deliberation, we came to the conclusion that this means first, that there will be some times where I feel isolated and will need to connect with people. I need to work hard at keeping in touch with the people currently in my life and stay close to them but I also need to open up myself to meeting new people and forming relationships with them.  Secondly, that I may meet a network of people down there that I really trust but I may need to fully understand their motivations and intentions.  Rebecca believed that this would be more connected to some kind of working opportunity.

3. King of Wands.  This is a very masculine card but also represents creative ventures and following your path.  Rebecca believed that it means that I will truly find myself and what my purpose is through this adventure.

This reading didn’t necessarily teach me anything new or surprise me.  What it did do, is reaffirm my thoughts, feelings, and gave me some things to seriously consider while I’m there.  I need to stay open to what this adventure is going to teach me and all of the things that I will be gaining from it.

Check out Rebecca’s Tarot page HERE if you are interested in getting started!

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